Kyle-NYC Headshots

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why professional headshots?

Your photo represents you and your brand, so you want to make sure you not only look your best, but that they capture your personality.

As an actor your headshot is the first thing people see, so it really needs to grab their attention, and that's just for the possibility of being seen. It doesn't matter how brilliantly talented you may be, without the right headshot, you won't even get in the room to show off your brilliance. So it's imperative that your photos are not only professional and beautiful but also show a spark of your personality.

Same goes for corporate headshots, your photo presents you to your potential clients and costumers, so you want to make sure it represents your personality and the culture of your workplace.  It gives client and customers a peak into who you are and your brand.  

Now I know headshots can be expensive, but they are an investment for your job, and to me, one of the most crucial.  And of course you could save a little money and have a friend shoot your headshots, and sure, they might look good, but do they look great?  Do they capture your unique essence?

So if you are ready to step up your game and make your portfolio pop, please contact me so we can begin!


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ONE HOUR — $200

as many looks as we can do

Up to an hour shoot


3 Day Turn Around for Proofs

1 Retouched Image


TWO HOURS — $350

as many looks as we can do

Up to 2 hours


3 Day Turn Around for Proofs

2 Retouched Images



As many looks as we can fit in a

Up to 3 hour Session

Studio and/or Outdoors

2 Day Turn Around for Proofs

3 Retouched Images

sessions include

  • Wardrobe Consultation

  • Studio and Outdoors

  • Images delivered online for you to rate

  • Shooting straight to computer to view the session as we go

  • Natural Retouching


  • additional retouched photos — $40 per image

  • hair & makeup — $100-$200 (paid directly to artist)

  • all untouched jpeg images — $250

corporate & business rates start around $700

Since there are usually a lot of variables, please contact me for a specific quote.  These can be in studio or at your business location.

— a 50% deposit is due once we lock a date, and if you pay in full, there is a10% discount —

my approach

I moved to NYC to peruse acting (now I'm a director, editor and photographer), so I know how daunting getting headshots are, but they are crucial for getting your foot in the door.  As a director I have seen so many photos that do not represent an individual, and it's a shame. Sometimes at an audition the person isn't right for my show, but might be perfect for something else, so I hand off the headshot to a colleague who is only going off this one photo they have in hand, sadly.


As a director, I love working with actors and I know how imperative the environment is to allow them to flourish.  With me, I work with you to create a space where your personality can confidently shine.  I give you the opportunity to see what we are shooting and make sure you are happy, excited and confident with your new photos!  I want them to show you off at your best.  

If you have any questions, or have specific needs for your shoot, please contact me and we can discuss further!